Thematic Areas

It is a fundamental concern of the harmony to detect and exhibit harmonic basic structures in all areas of the cosmos, in all natural kingdoms, and in the physical and spiritual life of man.

It should not be expected that it is always and everywhere to simple integer ratios to which simple intervals of sound, even limited to the Senarius correspond.

In fact, in all essential areas of the cosmos, nature, and human life, nature sometimes comes so close to us that we find such simple, "rational" relationships. But we must be aware that these are special cases where nature renounces the generally complex interactions of multiple influences, so to speak, "love us".

This restriction applies not only to harmony, but to any kind of science. Especially for all areas of science in which the often to be found simple, mostly mathematical descriptions of natural processes consider only special cases. Otherwise, it is about very complex relationships that cannot be reproduced in simple formulas. This issue is discussed in more detail elsewhere under "Create Harmonics".

With this fundamental restriction one can certainly speak of a "sound of the world". Only the world does not sound always and everywhere in simple intervals, which can be derived from rational numerical relations. Understood so right - one can structure the harmonic structures of the world known to us as follows:


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