What is „Harmonics“ ?

The clarification of this question is crucial in order to understand the ambitions of the Society of the “Harmonik Zentrum Deutschland” (Centre of Harmonics, Germany). The harmonics we address, dates back to Pythagoras (appr. 570 to 490 BC), therefore also referred to as “Pythagoras’ Harmonics”. This harmonics is intrinsically different from the teachings of harmony, as for example in music.

The understanding of the term “Harmonics”, as well as how it has been distinguished and as how it has been conceived has changed continuously in the course of its history until this day.

Throughout this change, the vision remains that elementary structures are working beyond this multitude of phenomenon in this world – and our conception thereof. We have learned much as to their quantity in the course of the evolution of science, specifically natural sciences. However, to be able to encounter a holistic experience of this world and of life, such conceptions must also be experienced in terms of quality.

This holistic experience, this “…whatever holds the world together in its innermost folds” is what harmonics is all about.

The logic as it is established today does not allow to align that which can be quantitatively measured and calculated with that which is qualitatively appraised. Therefore, harmonics attempts an “Analogic” of correlations between the

Calculated and Measureable
and that which can be
Sensed and Perceived