From Number and Sound to the Sound oft the World II

2nd station 

The correspondence of number and Sound



The vibrations caused by a string cause the surrounding lead to vibrations in the ear, which are converted in the brain to hear a sound. The entire process can today be objectively explained causally and logically and described quantitatively.
However, the hearing of a sound leads in every person to a subjective-personal sensation that is  incomprehensible to other people. This sensation depends on the individual nature of each individual. And no natural sense is so fundamentally and deeply anchored with the elementary conditions of each individual, as the sense of hearing.

Stammvater der Harmonik in unserer Zeit

Hans Kayser,the progenitor of harmonics in our time, was aware of this important difference .That is why he coined the term


to describe the special relationship between number and sound. He assigns analogous thinking to this correspondence in order to distinguish it from the scientific causal way of thinking. His lifelong struggle for a proper understanding of harmonics led him to a universal understanding of this correspondence between number and sound.  And so, for him, the term "number" is the epitome of everything we expend in our search for understanding the world through counting, measuring and logical reasoning in order to arrive at a comprehensive, objective description of this world around us.  For him, the term "sound" is the epitome of everything we experience in our subjective encounter with this world.


Both terms then contain the total

holistic experience of the world

in the interaction between the explanation of the world around us and
the perceived perception of this world in us