Since 2010, a harmonics symposium is held every year in Nuremberg. The aim of this annual event is, on the one hand, to bring together as many harmonics friends as possible to share their interests and experiences. On the other hand, the state and the further development of harmoncs should be presented and discussed in as many ways as possible.

On a 1 + 1/2-day weekend in the spring / early summer friends of harmonics meet various interests and work areas. Each symposium has a general motto, to which contributions are delivered in individual papers from as many different aspects as possible. These are discussed in detail by all participants. In addition, adequate space and time for personal meetings is provided.

The symposium held so far dealt with the following Topics:


2010: Diversity and Unity in Harmonics
2011: Experience Harmonics

2012: Harmonics – a Vision
2013: Man in Creaton – from a Harmonic Point of View
2014: Harmonics in Nature und Cultur
2015: Color and Sound in Harmonics
2016: Harmonics in Cosmos
2017: Harmonics, a Necessity

2018: Harmonics, a Contribution to a New Consciousness

So far the symposium is still exclusively in German. However, the aim is to capture the international status of harmonics in the future as well. In particular in the English-speaking area interesting work is under way. For this purpose, speakers will be ivited who present their results in English.