It refers to current publications that are important for harmonics.

Buchtitel zu Die Obertonreihe

Benedikt Burghardt, Die Obertonreihe
A Review of Harmonic Phenomena, Stuttgart 2013, ISBN: 978-3-944911-03-8

The overtone series represents a unique sound hieroglyph whose form, essence and meaning go far beyond the purely acoustic dimension. In this work, their relationship to mathematics and geometry, to pictorial laws in nature, cosmos and music, as well as the human sensory perception is to be presented and interpreted in a vivid manner.


Buchtitel zu Pythagoras – Leben – Lehre -Nachwirkungen

Christoph Riedweg, "Pythagoras - Leben - Lehre -Nachwirkungen"
C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich 2002, ASIN: B010IN9I60

Pythagorean Theorem, Sphere Harmony, Soul Migration, and Vegetarianism - these are just a few of the associations evoked by the name of this legendary sage. But what can we actually know about Pythagoras of Samos (about 570-480 BC)?

To penetrate the jungle of the complex tradition of the historical core of the dazzling personality, Christoph Riedweg in his book evaluates not only the written sources, but also takes into account the cultural-historical environment and modern sociological findings. The reader receives a vivid overview of the life and teachings of the Greek thinker and his aftereffects to the present.


Buchtitel zu Über Harmonie und Komplikation

Victor Goldschmidt, "On Harmony and Complication"
Vero Publishing, ISBN 10: 373721672X ISBN 13: 978-3737216722

This book on harmony and complication is an unaltered, high quality reprint of the original 1901 edition. Illustrated with numerous historical illustrations, this work represents the evolution of crystal forms, the harmony of tones and colors, as well as the harmony and complication of the brain and Psyche.


Buchtitel zu Akroasis - die Lehre von der Harmonie der Welt

Hans Kayser, "Akroasis",
The doctrine of the harmony of the world
Schwabe, 6th ed. 2007,
available from Syntropia, special book mail order.

A general introduction to harmonics. The fact that the structural law of harmonics similarly underlies religious and mystical ideas and their symbolism, and that the harmonician can infer, derive and interpret such ideas from diagrams. For many readers this will be the surprising, and actually the novelty of the present work.


Archimandrit Johannes, "Der Weg zum naturtönigen Kultgesang"
Verlag Kloster Buchhagen, 2012, ISBN-10: 3926236094
ISBN-13: 978-3926236098

"Purified cult song - The 8 church modes" 2 CDs to the book "The way to the clean-hearted cult song", with singing examples from the monastery Buchhagen.

Das Geheimnis der Schildkröte"
(The Secret of the Tortoise )
"AT Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-03800-477-6

A journey of discovery through the morphology, zoology and mythology of a miraculous animal. An exemplary work on the connections between zoology, morphology and mythology. Holistic natural history in the truest sense of the word.

Buchtitel zu Zahl-Seele-Kosmos

Willibald Limbrunner, "Zahl - Seele - Kosmos"
(Number - Soul - Cosmos)
Synergiaverlag Darmstadt, 2010

The Mandala of C.G. Jung and the emblem of the Rosicrucians are identical. The cross in the circle. From the visions of the Old Testament prophets to the visions of Hildegard von Bingen, to the texts of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, we have a Jungian archetype before us. He acts in our dreams, in the space of our typeface, as well as in the harmonies of our music.

But we also recognize this basic structure in the crystal structures and the structure of the atom. The multitude of phenomena that the author puts together show that the phenomena are based on a uniform structure. The author-postulated theory of structured consciousness corresponds to the Jungian concept of the archetype and the Mandala.

Buchtitel zu Weltformel Lamdoma

Henny Jahn, "Weltformel Lambdoma"
(World Formula Lambdoma),
Synergiaverlag Darmstadt, 2010

With "World Formula Lambdoma", Henny Jahn explains how the world can be explained using the simplest possible number system. Lambdoma can represent everything that moves the world. Thus, for example, in species-typical flower and leaf positions in plants and in natural phenomena such as the formation of galaxies, determine regularities that can be derived from the Lambdoma.

Buchtitel zu Pythagoras und die Meister von Chartres

Charles Hummel, "Pythagoras und die Meister von Chartres"
("Pythagoras and the Masters of Chartres")
Synergia Verlag Darmstadt, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-9810894-7-9

Hummel's writing on the harmony of Chartres is a scientific work with numerous cross-connections. Many building details are clearly explained. The considerations are put in both historical and harmonious contexts. The poetry of language conveys the scientific facts and reflections, the harmony between music, architecture and world harmony.

Buchtitel zu Orpheus oder die Macht des Urtons

Clemens Zerling, Orpheus oder die Macht des Urtons: Zwischen Dionysos und Apollon
(Orpheus or the power of the Basic Sound)
Synergia Verlag, 2016

Axial Age. Thus, the philosopher Karl Jaspers (1883 - 1969) baptizes the era from the 8th to the 5th century BC. Chr .; rightly so! At that time, total humanity is making a quantum leap toward the development of consciousness. Consciousness means becoming one's self. Individuals succeed in having an experience of particular significance: what they have hitherto imagined to be the highest spiritual deity does not necessarily have to be located somewhere outside in the vastness of the cosmos. This deity obviously had and has an attachment in the soul of man. From there it reveals itself at the same time as the greatest fullness and perfect emptiness, as ONE deity above all subaltern and dependent on