Notes & Links

Hartmut Warm, the author of the book „Signature of the Spheres“, is constantly giving lectures and seminars on this topic.  The current program can be viewed on the Internet at: Overview Events

Alexander Lauterwasser is known to many for his work on sound figures he creates in drops of water. See his Website: Wasser-Klang-Bilder (Water-Sound-Images).

It is less well known that he deals intensively with the question of the emergence of biological forms within natural history, that is, morphogenesis in the evolution of life.He is thus making an inestimable contribution to the field of harmony, which until today has been greatly neglected in the natural sciences.

See his DVD “Die Ursprache der organischen Welt“ (The original language of the organic world) and his interview „Schwingung und Schöpfung” (Vibration and Creation), as well as his book „Das Geheimnis der Schildkröte” (The Secret of the Tortoise).

See this Website presented by Holger Ulmann. It is graphically very impressively designed. The page introduces profound texts and beautiful animations from the point of view of geometric investigations into the world of Pythagorean tetraktys. After an introduction, the chapters Geometry, Number Theory, Harmonics, Mysticism and Philosophy are treated in detail. It describes the life and works of scholars and artists important to the development of harmonics. After all, important scientists also have their say for the development of our current world view.


Hans Kayser on“Sacret Sience“

A very informative web page from the USA reports about the work of Hans Kayser. It refers to a translation project for the textbook and other books by Hans Kayser Here.

Cymatic Music
is called a very extensive WEB site from England, which is operated by John Telfer .

It deals extensively with the basics of harmonics as well as various possibilities to make harmonic phenomena audible and visible. Also aspects of color harmony and harmonic music are treated. This site only appears in English.


Dr. Hans G. Weidinger, Nürnberg, hat einen neuen persönlichen WEB-Auftitt erstellt, der seine bisherige Intenseite <www.weidinger-consultant> ersetzt.

Die neue Webeite ist zu erreichen durch Eingeben der Internet-Adresse
oder unter diesem Link.