Harmonics-Symposium 2017

Logo zu den Harmonik-Symopsien in Nürnberg

Harmonics Symposium 2017
May 6 + 7, 2017

in Meeting House St. Jobst, Nuremberg

The leitmotif for this symposium was "harmony, an emergency maneuverability".

The need to turn around is the general cultural, economic and political crisis of our time.

It should be illuminated with the first main theme "Our understanding of the world, our world relationship today" from a harmonic point of view.

The second main theme "How does harmony succeed?" devoted himself to the possibilities for the success of the harmony on the background of the questions raised to the first main theme.

On Sunday morning, these considerations were under the 3rd main theme "How to achieve harmoncs?" with a view to the further development of harmonics.

The presentations

1st Main topic: Our understanding of the world, our world relationship today.

Lecture on the theme by Hans G. Weidinger

Harmonik verbindet Umwelt und Inwelt

The lecture first describes the emergence of today's understanding of science from the early beginnings in Greek antiquity. From an originally close harmony with nature, finally, a natural science emerged, which is no longer able to give man a home in the world she describes. Harmonics offers a way to overcome this alienation. For it builds a bridge between abstract, objective thinking and calculation on the one hand, and subjective feeling on the other.

The presentation can be downloaded HERE as a pdf Version (in German).


Consequences from the point of view of philosophy

by Carl M. Hofbauer

No manuscript available

Man and nature - the human measure in harmonics
by J. Kotschy

Zum Vortrag J. Kotschy Mensch und Natur – das menschliche Maß in der Harmonik 2017

The lecture covers the following topics:

Universal sizes: space and dimensions - space and time

Waves - connection of space and time - seeing and hearing

The human measure in time and space

It will be our most important task to make this planet harmonic. Harmonia means harmony, unity, evenness, beauty ...

The lecture can be downloaded HERE (in German)

2nd Main topic: How does harmonics succeed?

Keynote Address: Principles of Harmonics
by W. Limbrunner

Zum Vortrag W. Limbrunner Prinzipien der Harmonik 2017

A four-fold transformational structure of the Tetraktys is described in three examples of intellectual history:

The Villard figure
The Mandukya Upanishad
Kant's categories

The presentation can be downloaded HERE as pdf-file (in German)

The cult song of the monks in the monastery Buchhagen

by Uta Hügerich

Mönche in Buchhagen beim reintönigen Kultgesang

The lecture reports on the experience of the natural singing of the cult song of the orthodox monks in the monastery church in Buchhagen. It describes the history of the monastery as well as the tradition of cult worship cultivated there. In particular, it sheds light on the harmonic background of these songs and gives examples to listen to.

The presentation can be downloaded HERE as pdf-file (in German).

Harmonics in Geometry

by H. Ullmann / W. Limbrunner

Zum Vortrag H. Ulmann und W. Limbrunnder Harmonik in der Geometrie 2017

Using the example of a 24-star, the lecture describes elementary harmonic-geometric relationships. For comparison it will also be shown how these simple harmonic principles, can be transferred e.g. on harmonic relationships in the construction of the electron shell of a hydrogen atom.

The presentation can be downloaded HERE as pdf-file (in German).

Harmonics and our relationship to the cosmos

by H. Warm

Zum Vortrag Hartmut Warm Harmonik und unser Verhältnis zum Kosmos 2017

"In this arrangement, therefore, we find an admirable harmony of the world and a reliable harmony of movements and trajectories." Nicolaus Copernicus "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium" (1543)

Even modern astronomy is - perhaps unconsciously or used only as a metaphor - in search of the harmony of the spheres.


The presentation can be downloaded HERE as pdf-file (in German)

3rd Main Theme: Future Aspects of Harmonics

Keynote speech by C.M. Hofbauer
No manuscript available.

How can the harmonics incite the art?
by A. Kandler Seegy

Zum Vortrag Harmonik – Kunst – Bewusstsein 2018

The power of harmonics also becomes audible, tangible and visible in art.
"Let me suppose that harmonical and artistic sensibilities merge into one impulse, and we quickly grasp the inestimable value of harmony when we are exposed to disharmony. I invite you to take part in a search, namely the search for balance. ... "

The presentation text can be downloaded HERE as pdf-file (in German).

Alexander Technique, applied harmonics
by H. Riedel

No manuscript available

Harmony in my life

by R. Fuchs

Zu Vortrag Wie kann die Harmonik unser Leben inspirieren 2017

Reinhard Fuchs reports in pictures and sound about his life and his work as an architect in New Zealand

A small excerpt from the presentation can be downloaded HERE (in German).