The Way of Man III

3. Station

Harmonics, the way to a holistic world experience

Bild zur Spaltung zwischen Denken und Empfinden

Again, our consciousness is split:

Between, on the one hand, the "understanding" of our outer world, as we explain it to ourselves. Or better, as we let others explain us. As a result of scientifically explained objectively by reproduced observation and measurement of "secured" knowledge and from this causal-logical thinking.
And on the other hand, what we, each of us, "hear" inwardly, and then, depending on our "moodiness," filled with fear or confidence, or with perplexity and then, eventually, indifference, or dependence on ideologically fixed thought-leaders.

So we let ourselves be instructed: about the unbelievable expanse of the universe and the "unpredictable" (quantum) jumps of the likewise incredibly small building blocks of the world, which are not comprehensible by our experience habits. And we hear that with these theories the primordial beginnings of the world are mathematically describable, and thus - at least theoretically - predictable. And be it "only statistically".

And what's next?

Harmonik führt zum Klang der Welt

But look and behold, better hear: over two thousand five hundred years ago, a certain Pythagoras discovered in experiments with bells, blacksmithing hammers, and especially with strings of a monochord: there is a mysterious correspondence with the number orders of the cosmos and our order of wonderful sounds inner mood.

And indeed, about two thousand years later, the astronomer Johannes Keppler (1571-1613) finds that the planets of our solar system follow the rules of Pythagorean harmony. And the mineralogist Victor Goldschmidt (1853-1933) finds that the same rules apply to the building laws of crystallized matter. And finally, Hans Kayser (1891 - 1964) finds out about
experiments with the monochord on his vision of

Sound of the World.

Harmonik verbindet Umwelt und Inwelt

The consistent continuation of Hans Kayser's vision of the sound of the world now leads us straight to the solution of the schism of our days: between rational-objective world description and subjective-emotional response within us.

The correspondence between number and sound shows us the way to transfer this correspondence to a general harmonic connection between rational seeing, counting, measuring, and causal-logical thinking
on the other hand, emotional hearing and feeling:

Over the bridge of harmonics we overcome the both worlds and life aspects in an integral consciousness, we can combine them in

one holistic experience

entering this bridge requires our unreserved, humble opening to the wonder of creation, which reveals itself to us in an ever-evolving nature within a cosmos that is ever again changing.

With this opening, we can then recognize and accept people as
fully responsible to the mystery of creation.