Harmonics-Group Nuremberg 2017


Meeting on January 28, 2017.

First, Uta Hügerich gave a review of our visit to the fathers in Buchhagen. All participants agreed that the visit was a special experience. There is also a general interest in maintaining contact with the fathers.

Subsequently, Hans G. Weidinger presented the concept for the upcoming Symposium 2017. It takes place on the weekend May 6-7, 2017 in Nuremberg. Very likely again in the meeting house of St.Jobst.
Then the guiding theme „Harmonics, a necessity“ was discussed and accepted. Eventually the intended changed structure was discussed. Thereafter, more space should be provided for discussions and encounters. All lectures are shortened and arranged in three main groups:

Our understanding of the world, our world relationship today,
How does harmonics succeed?
Aspects of the future of harmony.

For each of these main topics, there are additional, complementary short referees and one panel each, on which there is sufficient time to discuss the respective overall topic. Subsequently,

Ms. Ruth-Maria Nicolay reported on practical experience in applying harmonic principles in vocal education.

Meeting on March 18, 2017

Final organizational questions on the Harmonic Symposium 2017. All questions regarding premises and costs are fully satisfactorily clarified for us with the church administration of St. Jobst. Also a solution was found for the common lunch: the restaurant „Zur Post“ only a few steps. The restaurant opens on Saturday, May 6, just for us. From the menu provided (Franconian and Greek), 4 dishes were selected, from which all participants can choose the one suitable for them in the morning. The kitchen of the restaurant then prepares these dishes so that they can be served without long waiting times.

Angelika Kandler Seegy rehearsed her contribution to the symposium „How can harmony inspire art?“ very vivid with all participants. It is about the disturbance and restoration of the „balance“ on a white sheet of paper.

As a guest, the singer Ruth Maria Nicolay showed in practice, how to build a very impressive clay support with the help of all seven body chakras, by means of which the basic tones of the overtone series can be intoned in a natural way.

Finally, Willibald Limbrunner presented a program based on the model of „Game of Life“ by J.H. Conway simulates the dynamic behavior of a given array of cells. With four simple rules, a variety of complex structures emerge from certain initial patterns in the course of the game. See: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conways.

Meeting on June 10, 2017

The main theme of this meeting was a presentation by Rüdiger Zeller about „Fractals, an introduction to harmonics“ The lecture dealt with the historical classification using examples of self-similar fractals, the demarcation of classical mathematics, and philosophical considerations. In addition, examples of sections through 3d fractals were shown and explained. The presentation was followed by a very intensive discussion, including practical applications such as fractal antennas.

Another focus this afternoon was a presentation by Hans G. Weidinger on the topic
Thoughts on the project“ Meeting Nature“.

In particular, answers to the two questions were sought:

What do we mean by nature?
What does encounter = relationship to this nature mean?

There were two basic statements: Nature includes everything that arises and passes. Nature is everlasting creation to ever new unfoldment of diversity and higher consciousness. Man, with everything he creates, is completely part of this nature.
The human being has to enter into an exchange with this creative nature. Hence the realization of his responsibility as part of this nature.

This presentation was also followed by a detailed discussion.

Finally, after a review of the past Harmony Symposium 2017, it was decided to maintain the structure practiced there for the first time with short lectures and active cooperation and scope for the participants to meet each other in the future.

For the participation in the Nuremberg „Stadt(ver)führungen“ the necessary arrangements were made.

Furthermore, the possibility of a to Jürgen Huck in Nuremberg, showing his „sound rooms”, with gongs, singing bowls and more. The next meeting will be organized in such a way that a visit will take place on this occasion.

As a „surprise guest“ then the Youtube video „The Pentagram explained by Disney feat. Donald Duck! “ shown – to the general enthusiasm.


Meeting on 12th August 2017.

Unexpectedly many (12) participants came to this meeting. Everyone just got a seat. The rich program began with two excerpts from the recording of a radio broadcast of Südwestfunk from 1981 on the subject of „Nada Brahma – the world is sound“: „The so-called“ eternal questions … “

„The way music is created is also the way of the creation of the world.“

Siehe Referenzen #3


The quintessence of it:

„That’s you: up there are forces and figures pushed to the sky that ring in your own soul“.

was vividly discussed as the central idea of ​​all harmony.


Subsequently, Ms Ruth-Maria Nicolay reported on practical experience in applying harmonic principles in vocal education. Afterwards, Walter Herrmann spoke about „What is I-Ging and what is it about harmonics?“ Hans G. Weidinger then pointed out additional remarks on this topic in the „textbook“ by Hans Kayser.

Finally, a lively exchange of ideas took place about: „Where do we want to go – what do we do? As expected, it has been shown that each participant has their own personal ideas about what harmony is and what harmony wants or should be. Nevertheless, a common line emerged in the conversation about which everyone wants to think more …

Meeting on October 14, 2017.

Our performances at the Stadtverführungen Nürnberg 2017


After technical problems on the first day, the erformances went well in front of interested audience.




The other topics of this afternoon:
◾Harmonic Scotland „, a report by Willibald Limbrunner
◾The Harmonics Symposium 2018: Proposals for the general theme / titles and individual topics
◾Our website, state of consideration for further improvement

Other topics / suggestions are very welcome.