Harmonics-Group Nuremberg 2018

Meeting on February 17, 2018

The meeting was dedicated to the preparation of the Harmonics-Symposium 2018in the University for Music Nuremberg. The title was decided:  "Harmonics, a contribution to a new consciousness".  Suggestions for the lectures were discussed and largely decided.

A second topic was a report by Hans G. Weidinger on the status of the revision of the website of the association.

Meeting on June 23, 2018

The Harmonics-Symposium 2018 was discussed extensively. It was agreed that the symposium was very successful with regard to the content and presentation of the lectures. It was rightly criticized that some participants did not pay attention to the program's content during lunch time, thus creating bottlenecks and annoyance among the speakers in the afternoon. It was decided toto dispense with lunch in an external restaurant in the future. Instead, a lunch should be organized in the rooms of the event.

Afterwards there were two presentations:
Willi Limbrunner talked about the possibility of making the irratonal proportions of the Golden Ratio audible.
Hans G. Weidiniger gave a presentation on the evaluation of the book "The Jazz of Physics" by Stephon Alexander. The presentation can be downloaded HERE as pdf-file.