This refers to friendly contacts with people who either actively work in harmonics or who sympathetically accompany our work.

This includes:

PH Dipl. Ing. Eckhard Bendin
Visual artist / color designer, lecturer in design, author and curator of color theory.

Professor Peter Michael Braun
Composer and musicologist.

Reinhard Fuchs
Architect with harmonical-ecological visions in New Zealand.

Dagmar Groth, concert pianist
and director of the Förderverein zur Unterstützung musikalischer Jugendlicher e.V.

Olga Hoch
Institute for Research and Networking.

Günther Holzhey
Musica Magica

Professor Dr. Holger Kern
University teacher for music and music education of the Free University of Stuttgart.

Professor Dr. Werner Schulze
Composer, thinker, poet, theater person.