The way of man I

1. Station

The cleavage of man

Der Mensch - immer gegenüber

Always facing creation, see
we only on her the reflection of the Frein,
darkened by us. Or that an animal,
a dumb, looking up, quietly through us.
This means fate: to be opposite
and nothing but that and always opposite.

And we: spectators, always, everywhere,
towards all and never out!
Us overcrowded. We arrange. It decays.
We rearrange and disintegrate ourselves.

So who turned us around, that we,
whatever we do, in that attitude
from one who goes away? How he up
the last hill that gives it all its valley
shows again, turns, stops, stays -
That's how we live and always say goodbye.

From Rilke: Duino Elegy - Chapter 8

Der Weg des Menschen zwischen zwei Unendlicheiten

Man  feels unsettled due to  unimaginative mathematical-formal representations of science and by speculative interpretations unrelated to natural perceptions

We feel lost between two "infinities":
- the infinitely small world in the microcosm
- infinitely great universe in the macrocosm

We are overwhelmed by the "infinite" technical possibilities and dependencies in a human world that is not comprehensible to humans

That's the price we pay for objective insight

Science can and must only work objectively

Only in face of this, man can not find his own place in world affairs.