The Association

The association „Harmonik Zentrum Deutschland e.V.“ was founded on May 17 , 2014 in Nuremberg by 17 * members. This includes most of the members of the same day ended „Harmonic Network“. The seat of this association is Nuremberg. He is registered at the register court of the Nuremberg district court and recognized by the central tax office Nuremberg as a non-profit.

Like the finished „Harmonic Network“ association, this association also feels obliged to continue the work of the „circle of friends around Hans Kayser“, which came to an end in 2008 with the death of Walter Ammann.

This association considers it important for cultural policy to make the results of harmonic works accessible to as many people and institutions as possible who are responsible for the preservation and further development of Western culture. This in particular applies  to all areas and levels of pedagogy because this is where the cultural foundations of each culture are laid.

So far, the focus of all activities was in the German-speaking countries. With this translation, international contacts are now more than welcome.

*) For the time being we are 25 members. Of course new members are welcome any time.
Because we are looking für any person that is willing to support our work, as well as their own one.

Please compare our membership application on this site.

Your contact persons:

Dr. Hans G. Weidinger und Dipl Ing. (FH) Dieter Mayer .

Their addresses see under „Board“.