Activities are described here that are not initiated or operated by the Harmonik Zentrum Deutschland e.V., but which are of great importance for the application and further development of the harmonics.

Pure Natural Cult Song in the Orthodox Monastery Buchhagen

In the German Orthodox monastery Buchhagen (in Bodenwerder in the Lower Saxony district of Holzminden), the subject of the development of a German chorale tradition for the Orthodox service for several years with the foundations of the Pythagorean harmony.

The goal is the development of a pure sound system for the German chorale. It is u.a. a book „Der Weg zum Deutschen Kultgesang“ (The way to German cult singing) and 2 CDs „Naturtöniger Kultgesang – die 8 Kirchentonarten“ ( Naturtöniger cult singing with natura l sounds – die 8 churge tonalities) were written. Both are offered by the publisher of the monastery.

And the pure singing is practiced in this monastery also in the daily cult singing. If you are interested, you can also visit the monastery after pre-registration and participate in this song.
More details can be found here.

If you feel the way is too far, you can listen to such pure-minded cult singing at home on CD as well: You can order it here:

„Reintöniger Kultgesang – Die 8 Kirchentonarten“
2 CDs zum Buch „Der Weg zum reintönigen Kultgesang“,
aus dem Kloster Buchhagen.

Or listen to hearing examples HERE

Archimandrit Johannes, „Der Weg zum naturtönigen Kultgesang“
Verlag Kloster Buchhagen, 2012, ISBN-10: 3926236094
ISBN-13: 978-3926236098

This book can be ordered HERE.


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