The discovery of the correspondence of number and sound inspired Pythagoras to come up with his idea of ​​a number order in the cosmos, which is reflected in the harmonic intervals of the music.
For many centuries, this idea shaped, whether consciously or unconsciously, the design standards of the performing arts.
With Johannes Kepler's work "harmonices mundi" the idea of ​​Pythagoras found its grand confirmation in the laws of planetary motion in our solar system.

The term "the hearing man" was approx. 300 years after J. Kepler's discovery of the harmonic sound of the planetary orbits coined by Hans Kayser. He extended the understanding of harmony to the idea of ​​a hearing - Akróasis - the world by means of which the overall order of the world becomes perceptible as a sound in man.
The further development of this idea shows that it opens a path to a new holistic consciousness.

Experience Harmonics

Experience harmonics in two ways: 
participating in the exchange of harmonic work and experiences, e.g. at the annual Harmonic Symposia,
or at the regular meetings of the Harmonics-Group Nuremberg,
or listening to harmonic music, e.g. at cult singing in the German Orthodox monastery in Buchhagen.

Create Harmonics

There are many friends of harmonics today who contribute to the further development of harmonics with their own investigations and representations.
From this stands out the works of Hartmut Warm on the "Signature of the Spheres".
Many other works on a harmonious order in nature and in outstanding cultural evidence are collected here on this site.


Understand Harmonics

This can only succeed if one approaches the understanding of the world, nature and man together with the understanding and the feeling together. Not least of all, this includes dealing with the many and varied efforts that have been made over and over again over two and a half millennia of the history of harmonics
In the section "What is harmonics?" will be discussed in more detail.

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